Specialist maths support

Staff specialists throughout the Rowan Learning Trust encourage a ‘can do culture’ in mathematics, regardless of ability.  Raising aspirations, whilst also caring for the emotional aspect of our students, is fundamental to achievement.  Staff strive to encourage a belief that success is attainable for all, creating a structured and supportive culture whilst also enabling opportunities for independence. . Expertise in the subject is shared with 3 SLEs across the Trust and a team of experienced examiners.    Processes that identify good practice and diagnose the developmental needs of students and staff in individual schools enable mathematics teams to work together effectively.  Staff are given opportunities to advance professionally through a variety of teaching and learning development opportunities such as becoming a mentor, facilitating training, being actively involved in quality assurance or enrolling on courses such as the Outstanding Teacher Programme. Students benefit greatly from being ‘mathematics confident’ and this impacts significantly on life opportunities of all Rowan Learning Trust young people.