Our Vision and Values

The Board of Trustees has taken the opportunity brought about by staffing changes to reflect on the development of the Trust since it was formed in May 2012 and reaffirmed their commitment to the original mission and values of Trust.

Our Mission remains:

To work to maximise the potential of all children, students and adults in our schools and to support the schools on their journey to become outstanding.

Our Values remain:

  • Equality of opportunity
  • Fairness
  • Individual growth
  • Kindness
  • Mutual respect

Our Future Plans:

Our Board of Trustees is both supportive and proactive.  Being mindful that over the past seven years the Trust has grown, that the school profiles have changed and that the educational landscape is more uncertain than it has been for several years in terms of funding, new accountability measures and a new Ofsted inspection framework, they have reviewed and renewed their strategic vision for the Trust over the next five years.

The strategic aims from 2019 -2024 are:

  • To continue to provide a first-class education for all of our learners through a balanced, aspirational curriculum that meets the needs of individual learners, the local and national communities and prepares learners for life beyond school.
  • To maintain and embed our culture which values everyone’s contribution; promotes individual development and growth; is underpinned by high standards, high expectations and mutual respect leading to a highly committed team of professionals.
  • To further develop and grow our trust wide collaborative network which builds on and shares best practice internally and externally to provide teachers, support staff and leaders who are equipped to meet future demands of the education sector
  • To continue to use prudent financial management which delivers the very best people and resources to meet the needs of the Trust and demonstrates value for money.  To operate with transparency and clarity.
  • To grow the number of schools/learners within the Trust to build capacity and long-term sustainability.


The Executive officers, colleagues from the Central Team and Headteacher Reference Group are currently working collaboratively to produce the plan to deliver these aims based on our current operational starting position.  This plan will be published from September 2019.