Our Executive Leadership Team

The Executive team ensures that the Trust has the expertise and capacity to support all schools, ensure existing schools do not suffer in anyway and will in fact benefit as a result of the Trust growing. We are automating where possible and seeking systems to help us to do things only once, creating a 'self-serve' model whilst recognising that somethings might be better undertaken centrally for efficiency or compliance reasons. The Team ensures good value for money and good communication between the central team and schools. We regularly pause and review to check direction, see if anything has changed to ensure we remain on the right track.

The current Executive team has the skill, knowledge and experience to ensure that the Rowan Learning Trust remains a 'strong' Trust as it grows. The team are distinctly qualified in their own fields and highly experienced. The CFO has been in post since 2012, the Director of Operations and Director of People Relations have worked in leadership positions in the Trust since 2015; the Director of Communications & Governance has been the senior governance professional in the Trust since 2016. Prior to appointment in 2019, the CEO held Headteacher, Director of Education and an Executive Headteacher role. In addition, the remaining members of the Executive Team have in excess of 35 years of headship experience between them.