Our History

The Rowan Learning Trust

The Rowan Learning Trust was established in 2012 following many years of highly successful school-to school-support in the North West, led by Roy Halford, head teacher at Hawkley Hall High School, Wigan and founder CEO of the Rowan Learning Trust. The name Rowan Learning Trust references the inception of the Trust within Wigan, the Rowan tree featuring on the borough’s coat of arms.

With a pedigree of successful school- to-school support, the Trust was founded on the philosophy that high expectations and standards, along-side true collaboration accelerates school improvement, therefore maximising the potential of students and staff within each school community.  At the heart of this philosophy is the belief that educational professionals should help each other to develop and improve professionally so that the life chances of the young people they educate will be optimised. The Trust logo depicting three figures:  a child, a teenager and an adult reaching for the sky, symbolises the Trust’s philosophy. It also reflects the development and growth of the individual within each community and across the Trust.

A foundation of strong values under-pin the Rowan Learning Trust philosophy these are:  Equality of Opportunity; Fairness; Individual growth; Kindness and Mutual Respect. It is upon these values that school communities have the opportunity to thrive by creating a culture of challenge and high expectations through openness and transparency.

On this basis, building upon the Trust philosophy and values, the Trust Mission is:

‘To work to maximise the potential of all children, students and adults in our schools and to support the schools on their journey to become outstanding’ 

Since 2012, the Trust has grown to include the following schools:

  • Hawkley Hall High School, Wigan (2012)
  • Kirkby High School, Knowsley (2013)
  • Three Towers Alternative Provision Academy, Wigan (2015)
  • Marus Bridge Primary School, Wigan (2016)
  • The Heys School, Prestwich (2020)
  • Farington Primary School (2021)

In delving into mythology and folklore the Rowan tree often symbolises courage and wisdom.  The Rowan Learning Trust embraces these qualities, acknowledging that through the collective courage and wisdom of all within the Trust we can strive to offer high quality educational experience and outcomes for those we serve.